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Bioro is the only operation in Belgium that produces biodiesel from rapeseed on a single site.

Bioro is one of the first biodiesel plants constructed in Belgium. The company was established in 2005 and is located in the port of Ghent.

Construction of the new biodiesel plant is now completed. The plant has a capacity of 250,000 metric tonnes of biodiesel per year, using vegetable oils as raw material. Construction was finalised end of 2007.

This site is unique as the whole of the process from raw material to refined end product is completed on-site, without the need for any extra transportation. The whole operation will also create opportunities in many other areas, such as the valorisation of glycerin.


A pioneer of the bio-based economy

Bioro is a pioneer of the bio-based economy. Belgian universities and researchers, innovative companies operating in Belgium, and politicians with vision all play a role in the evolution of this economy that put Bioro on the map.

Bioro plays a major part in this new economy. Particularly in the field of biodiesel, Bioro's activities in the port of Ghent provide considerable support to the Belgian economy and environment, as well as agriculture. Bioro strives to be both a sustainable and profitable business, with products that meet the highest quality standards.


Joint Venture

BIOro joint venture structure

Bioro is a joint venture of :
1/ Biodiesel Holding NV - Founded in March 2005
  - Mission = to develop local production and commercialisation of biodiesel in Flanders
  - Biodiesel Holding NV is part of the Bioro joint venture

2/ Groep Vanden Avenne-Izegem BVBA -

Active in trade and distribution of agriculture raw materials

  - Groep Vanden Avenne-Izegem is a long-time customer and trade partner of Cargill
  - The company is the majority shareholder in Eurosilo
  - among other things specialises in oilseeds such as rapeseed, sunflower seeds, soya and their by-products

3/ Cargill - An international supplier of food, risk management products and services, with 158,000 employees in 66 countries.

Cargill has been present in Europe since 1953 and, amongst other things, is also an important processor of raw materials. 


The company currently has around 850 employees in Belgium.


has a unique position as a high volume processor of rapeseed and soyabeans in the country.


A project with many economic benefits

The project involved :

  • The conversion of Cargill's current soya processing plant to a multiseed (soya & rapeseed) processing plant, with a total capacity of 1 million metric tonnes per annum.  
  • The construction – by Cargill – of a new vegetable oil refinery with a capacity of 400,000 metric tonnes per annum
  • The construction – by the Bioro joint venture – of a new biodiesel plant with a capacity of 250,000 metric tonnes per annum
rapeseed crush and refining entity CARGILL preservation of 75 direct jobs 58 mio Euro
biodiesel entity JV BIORO 25 new direct jobs 25 mio Euro
  100 indirect jobs
TOTAL 200 direct and indirect jobs 83 mio Euro (= 120 mio $ )

Interested in doing business with us?

Please contact us via e-mail at business@bioro.be
please visit our news section to follow the progress we make @ our BIOdiesel plant